Why are Most Serial Killers Born in November?

The month is nearly over, but it’s worth taking a last look at the penultimate month of the year, and the one that officially starts the holiday season in America. Its name originally meant it was the ninth month, but it was pushed back to number 11 in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

It also seems to be a cursed month; there is a much greater chance that babies born in November will grow up to be serial killers.

While the researchers only looked at 100 serial killers (not enough to be a representative sample), 19 of them were born in November, compared to an average of nine per month the rest of the year. Their study showed that people born in November were more likely to believe they’d gotten a “raw deal” and were more pessimistic.

Scientists, of course, were quick to disavow astrology as the cause, instead ascribing it to seasonal factors such as a lack of vitamin D during pregnancy. Read more about the study in The Sun (UK).

Charles Manson, who died last Sunday, the 19th, was a November baby. Some other serial killers born in November include:

  • David Parker Ray (Nov. 6, 1939)
  • Carl Eugene Watts (Nov. 7, 1953)
  • Belle Gunness (Nov. 11, 1859)
  • Kristen Gilbert (Nov. 13, 1967)
  • Moses Sithole (Nov. 17, 1964)
  • Dennis Nilsen (Nov. 23, 1945)
  • Ted Bundy (Nov. 24, 1946)
  • Charles Starkweather (Nov. 24, 1938)
  • Rosemary West (Nov. 29, 1953)