Aug. 8, 2019: Interview with Mark Antony Raines on his podcast. We talk about writing, horror movies, and true crime (and there’s a train in there):

Oct. 14, 2018: Presenting at the Fayetteville Public Library on why 80s Horror is so hot right now: (note, the video doesn’t start until about 10 minutes in)

March 16, 2018: Interview with Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews where I talk about my writing rituals, favorite drinks, and what makes a good story:

Feb. 26, 2018: Featured on Grim Reader Reviews, I talk about who my favorite writers are, what parts of the story I think are most important, and more:

Jan. 22, 2018: Featured on Kendall Reviews, I talk about my writing style, inspirations, and my next project:

Dec. 4, 2017: On Beyond the Written Word, I talk with host and indie publisher Eric Beebe about the Satanic Panic, serial killers, and my new book:


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