About the Author

I’m a Southern author who writes smart, dark fiction. I was a nerdy weirdo who hung out in libraries for fun, where I discovered horror at an inappropriately early age. I remember being in the third or fourth grade when I saw my first Twilight Zone episode – “All the Time in the World.” It made me feel sad, angry, and vaguely creeped out. I loved it. I quickly moved on to Alfred Hitchcock Presents, with its slow building suspense and the certainty that someone is going to die.

But the movie that turned me (if indeed I needed turning to the dark side) was Creepshow. I couldn’t have been older than 10, watching it at the drive-in with my family,  sitting on the roof of our car and munching on smuggled-in popcorn.

When Bedelia’s father’s hand came bursting out of the ground – no warning, no spooky music – I threw the bag of popcorn in the air and screamed my lungs out.

Once I recovered, I wanted more. I began reading Stephen King like a junkie eats oxycontin, devouring entire novels in an afternoon. From there I found the ornately Gothic works of Edgar Allan Poe and the brightly-lit terror of Shirley Jackson. When I discovered William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily,” I felt like I had found the most perfect story ever written: deeply atmospheric, suspenseful, gruesome – and utterly Southern.

I wrote my first short horror story in eighth grade, a tale about a young girl who discovers that her favorite singer, Ozzy Osbourne, has accidentally summoned a demon by reciting a spell from Aleister Crowley in a song. She has to find Ozzy and convince him to sing the banishing spell before the demon devours the Earth. (Hey, don’t laugh; Metalocalypse did pretty much this same story in “Dethtroll“).

Since then, I went on to earn a Bachelor’s, then a Master’s, in Journalism. I’ve written dozens of short stories, articles, and essays from topics ranging from school lunches to the study of human decomposition. My first novel, The Devil in Black Creek, has been called “brilliant,” “creepy,” and “totally trendy.” (Find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

I still live, write, and hang out at the library in my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for more gruesome, interesting, and macabre things.


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